Crashes in Ableton when making patches

I’m running Mac OSX Catalina, latest version of Vital (downloaded this week), and Ableton 10.1.

My system is pretty damn stable normally, and I have a late 2020 iMac with 64gb of ram. CPU is hitting under 10% in Live, and I have been making patches with nothing else loaded in my Ableton projects.

No problems browsing or playing back presets, but when I’ve been making my own patches, I’m having crashes pretty consistently. Can’t identify what the common feature is, but they are relatively simple patches, with only about 6-8 modulation mappings before it crashes.

Some of them have been using all 3 oscillators, so maybe that is the issue?

Let me know if any more info is useful to help identify the problem.

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Love the synth btw - the UI is so clear and straightforward that it make sound design easier for people like myself who only have a moderate degree of synthesis know how.

Incredible product, can’t wait for the stability kinks to be ironed out. :ok_hand:

This one is kind of strange since it’s the first I’ve heard of it but it happens consistently for you. Are you using the AU, VST3 or the VST?

Curious if this just happens in Ableton and if you can get the crash to happen in the standelon version (or the other plugin formats.