Crash when quitting vital

If I press menu button or just close it in fl studio,it would just crash.Even the standalone would crash.
I tried using vst2,it was once working.But after I restart my computer,it crashed again :frowning:

Are you pressing the close button too quickly? This has happened to me, but only when I press the exit button close to startup

ummm,i once opened for about 20 minutes and when i tried to close it,it still crashed

can somebody help me? QAQ

Which version of fl studio and the plugin are you using? I have no issues at all (literally 0) with fls and Vital

I’m using 20.6 version.I think there’s no issue with daw but computer itself since I’ve seen someone else have the same problem like mine but with different version of fl studio :thinking:

and the standalone version of vital has the same problem when closing it or clicking on the menu button :cold_sweat:

Is your computer a laptop or PC? If it’s a laptop, depending on the model you probably have GPU in it that is switchable from Intel Graphics - make sure your DAW is running using your GPU and not Intel Graphics

I also suggest to check if your computer has power settings set to max performance.

um I’m using a PC and I don’t think I have a Intel Graphics.Power setting has already set to max performance :thinking:

okay, thanks for info - in this case I can only suggest trying to eventually update your GPU drivers (if they aren’t up to date already of course)

I can’t think of any other solution at the moment.

I can only assume it’s an internal problem then…hope they can fix it :thinking:

Well I’ve got a solution accidentally…I run a vpn and it fixed…omg

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