Crash on opening, interacting, closing, etc

Running Windows 10, FL Studio 12, tried all available to download versions of Vital. Simply am unable to use the synth anymore, or any projects relating to it. Anyone have any ideas to what could be causing it?

Your outdated version of FL Studio ? The latest release version is 20.8

For you, I did my duty and finally upgraded to 20. Didn’t fix the issue.

Wasn’t for me. Updating to version 20 makes perfect sense because it brings many new features and fixes.

But that’s the nature of trouble shooting. Eliminating what isn’t the cause of your problem until you’re left with what is the cause.

It helps when you give as much information as possible. Imagine if you take your car to the mechanic and tell him “it doesn’t work” and then walk off. Imagine how difficult it would be for him to fix the problem.

So “unable to use the synth anymore” doesn’t tell anything. Does it crash? Fail to load? Load but make no sound? Did it work just fine at one time but then suddenly stopped working or ?

I’m just trying to help you. For the record Vital works fine here in FL Studio on two Win 10 systems so there is some reason it doesn’t work for you. It’s just a matter of finding out the reason.