Copy modulation from slot to other slot

it would be of great help if we could copy all modulation from one source to the other.

i.e. lfo1 has 10 modulation destinations, i want aftertouch to have the same modulation capabilities. now i would simply drag the whole set of modulation over to the aftertouch field and bang the modulation would occur there. would be oh so great!!


+1 and yes!

Why not have Aftertouch modulate the level of LFO1? Obviously not the same but potentially more musical.
I’m NOT saying that your suggestion is bad because surely it can save time starting with the same set o modulations and then modifying them for the other modulator.

sure, that is a nice thing as well!
aftertouch was merely an example really. in general i think it would be useful to copy over modulation from one slot to another.

i just found out i can modulate an LFOs phase with aftertouch (or any other modulator), so if i could freeze the LFO position, i could swipe through the LFO modulation…right now i am setting it to 128s which also kind of works :slight_smile:

change lfo frequency from seconds to tempo and you can set it to freeze.:sloth:

Ah perfect! This is such a nice synth and I am still exploring features obviously…

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Same here, and i allready spend a lot of time with vital.

Try to put random on the frozen lfo speed.:rabbit: