Controlling velocity via DAW


How can I make use of the velocity controls in my DAW? You know, the little sliders for every note at the bottom of the piano roll (I’m using Cubase). When using Vital they have no effect. Not sure if this is a specific DAW problem or if I have to set it up in Vital itself, therefore sorry if this question is inappropriate for this forum.

Thanks for your time!

Have same issue with Reaper as the DAW.

This does work in Vital, but velocity needs to be mapped to something in the patch. There is no default behaviour for velocity.

The simplest thing to do is use the Vel Trk dial, which I believe controls how much velocity effects volume/amplitude. If you open the init patch, and then dial this to 100%, you should easily hear the effect of different velocities:


And via the Velocity option here, you can map velocity to any parameter in Vital:


Well it should be . If not the stand alone at least the vsti should be linked to the midi editor. Cant believe it’s not velocity sensitive of the hop, that would be the simplest thing.

Vital is.

It’s just up to the patch designer to determine if and how velocity is used to change the sound.

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k got it. thanks