Controlling LFO's opacity with a Macro?

Whats up guys. So I am creating a preset pack, and what I usually like to do with macros is have an LFO sidechain for the global volume (Which I call "Kickstart). With Serum im able to route the LFO’s opacity to the Macro in the matrix with the “AUX SOURCE”. Is there a way to do this in Vital?

Heres an example of how I do it in Serum, (The KEY’s and PAD’s Kickstart Macro)

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Hi, and welcome to the Vital community!

Vital does not have a dedicated “AUX source” for modulations. Instead, it’s just much more flexible and powerful.
The policy of “anything and everything can be modulated” applies here.
Which means, you can modulate the amount of a modulation using another source such as a macro.

To achieve this, go to the MATRIX tab, and drag the macro onto the modulation you wanna modulate using this macro. Specifically, drag it and drop it on the Modulation Amount slider.

Vital will treat this assignment not just as an AUX but as yet another regular mod assignment, giving you more control over how this AUX assignment affects that modulation.

Have fun with your sound design! Good luck!

Thanks… it seemed like when i tried dragging the macro onto the slider it wasnt working… Like it wasnt catching it… It just kept opening up a new tab under it for some reason… But thanks I’ll try again once i get back to it

Really nice sounds, haven’t watched the whole clip but it is lovely :slight_smile:

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You don’t need to go to the modulation matrix to set up the equivalent ‘aux’ modulation. Just do this:

Thanks appreciate it🙏🏾

Thanks, im actually trying to set a macro knob to turn on and off the LFO, not another LFO. I want to give the user the ease of just going straight to the macro knob to add the (sidechaining) modulation that i’ve drawn.

It’s the same principal. Hook up the LFO to what you want to control. Then drag from the macro to the little modulation circle like in the video.

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Ohhhhh so you drag it to the little circle… Ahhh gotcha… Didnt realize that thats what was being done… Gona try it later tonite… Thanks. Loving this synth btw

Yes it will open a new tab of modulation. That new tab actually indicates that the AUX modulation is being added. This is because it lets you further modulate that AUX-thing with another modulator, if you want… It can go on, unlike Serum… So you can have an AUX for the AUX…
I’m sorry I might have complicated it quite for you.

As Mr. Tytel said, you can drag the macro onto the circle that appears on LFO. I wasn’t sure eariler where exactly we have to drop it, so I kept quiet 'bout that. Sorry again.

Thanks Tytel! :smile: