Controling amp with something different than Env1

Hi :wink: Is it possible to reassign a modulation of amp to something different than Env1? For example one of the LFO’s? If so, how can I do that?

Just set OSC level to 0

Yes, you can leave Env 1 as it is.
Simply assign your choice of modulation( env or LFO or even random) to the level of the oscillators (or the master gain.)

As Panasony mentioned, have your levels at zero, then the shape of your LFO will control the volume.

You can use this same idea to have things like velocity or key tracking (note) effect the volume as well.

Hope this helps

You guys are wrong. Let’s say I got a LFO in “Sustain Envelope” that has a long release. If I want that release to be played at it’s full lenght I’ll have to adjust Env1’s release as well. So what you suggested is not reassigning amp control from Env1 to LFO - it is simply adding that LFO as a second modulator which is not what I want.

Apologies, you didn’t specify the particularities

Env 1 will still always control the master amp, there’s no way to “unassign” that to my knowledge.

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