Constant crashing ableton + GUI scaling problem

Hi, Ive just installed vital.

Having issues with i try to drag vital to my second monitor, it stuffs up the scaling of the plugin window. Once i close it and then try to reopen, it instantly crashes. This has happened 7 times in a row doing this exact process.

Hi, same for me here.
Ableton on Mojave + second monitor.
When dragging on 2nd monitor, Vital is a mess. Once I rescale it, it goes back to normal.
If I close it before resizing it, Ableton crashes.

Me too guys

What kind of second monitor is this? High DPI or anything special about it?
I’ll take a look.

looks like this issue is showing up in different threads. i’m wondering if there’s a way to lock the scaling. for instance, i’m dragging the plugin from my macbook monitor onto my basic dell 24 inch 1080p monitor and the ui ends up a jumbled mess after it tries to rescale. clicking in the bottom right of the plugin and giving it a little tug (…) snaps it back into shape.

Same to me! Catalina 10.15.7 on my MacBook Pro. If I switch to my 2nd Monitor (HDMI) the GUI is not working correctly! Its not crashing but I have to make It small again, press the Vital Button to resize and then its working again! Would be nice to fix! Awesome Synth :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’ve seen people have this issue in FL too, so it’s not just an Ableton thing. The scaling issues only seem to happen when Vital needs to be rescaled. If your main FL / Ableton window is on your monitor, it appears fine.

Yeah I’m getting a lot of reports of multi monitor issues. A lot of times resizing on the new monitor fixes it but some people get it to crash (might just be on mac?).
Anyway going to spend a chunk of time tracking down alllll the resolution issues. so hope to have a fix relatively soon.

Yup. Seeing the same things here in Cubase.
On Mac, running a triple monitor setup.

Willing to send logs and do testing to help this issue.

Having these same issues with moving between my laptop and 2nd monitor. Also having a different GUI scaling issue…I can drag to shrink the window but can’t drag to make it larger again. My GUI is stil at like 10%. Super tiny and unable to work with. Including a link to a screen recording of the second issue as well as my System specs.



Everything was looking and sounding dope until these issues started. Hopeing its an easy bug to fix for you. Appreciate all the hard work on this instrument!

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You can click on the logo (if it’s big enough) and choose the screen size from there instead of dragging dropping.

I have a few screen scaling issues that I’ve got to fix so hopefully I can knock them all out in the same build.

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Thanks! :raised_hands: I was able to click on the logo to re-size.