CODING HELP. Competing but working together

Hello. I am working on my own custom synth. I want a lot of controls like vital tho but in my style. I NEED help with the coding cause i have the designs and i know what i want the knobs to do to the audio but i don’t know anything about code. I want to make it in JUCE but this is what i NEED. I want to know what Vital is made in (c++? juce?) and i want to know if i can view any Vital code to apply to my synth or if anyone has any help or info they can give me. It’s hard to find good stuff online for audio programming development. My youtube is Art Entity and i am trying to make some crazy art and music stuff

I don’t think you’ll get much direct help on the forum (as it’s about the synth rather than coding).
There is a version of Vital on github -
All the best