Clicks for kicks!

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I was looking for some other ways of making clicks than using noise and an envelope. Mainly for making kick sounds for electronic music.

So I thought about Kick 2 from Sonic Academy, which comes with a bunch of clicks, they are perfect for the purpose.

Since it’s from a commercial software, I don’t think I am allowed to redistribute them here, just thought I’d share the idea.

It’s pretty simple to find the clicks if you have Kick 2 installed. On Mac:
/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Clicks/Factory/Clicks

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Why would it be better to make a kick in Vital than in Kick2? Isn’t Kick2 quite good for that?

I did the same with Serum, just imported all those attack samples to use with Vital.

I’ve also made some of my own, mostly tiny FM clicks for snare transients, and I’ve also saved some clicks taken from classic samples like Amen and Think break. Works great! But I usually open a second Vital for adding more noise haha, so my set up often looks like a Vital patch for the body, Vital patch for the transient, and finally a Vital patch for the character/noise/etc.

Either one is great, Kick 2 is a great plug in and it’s nice and streamlined. Using Vital may provide a bit more control for particular parameters, but you can certainly achieve the same result although it may take you out of the synth to do so. Imo, Kick 2 is great whatever workflow gives you good kicks - stick with it!

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I think both are fine.

sometimes I just like to use the same instrument for everything in a song.

It’s a nice way to learn sound design. I also just think it’s fun to work like that :slight_smile:

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Multiple layers of Vital. Yeah that works too, haha :slight_smile: