Clicks and Pops

There are random clicks and pops that come in and out no matter what the attack or release… Even with smooth LFOs and low CPU presets… Doesnt happen all the time…

Serum has a “Limit Polyphony To Any One Note Number” option to help this considerably… Does Vital an equivalent option?

I think your looking for the voices box on the bottom right. If you hover over it, it should say ‘polyphony’ in a little popup box.

No thats just to turn up the polyphony

On Serum theres a “Limit Polyphony to One Of Any Note Number” switch under the settings on the Global tab… That takes care of most clicks and pops on there…

If you set it to 1, it becomes monophonic-if that’s what your looking for.

I’d need to see the preset and how you’re using it to say what’s causing the pop.
I don’t know what that setting is in serum.

This is Moog Pluck by In The Mix… Granted its a one voice patch so I get why… but strumming causes considerable clicks

This one here is Analog Pad by In The Mix… The attack time on this one 0.072 secs and still theres some pops that show every now and then

I tried both of those patches here also in FL Studio and no pops or clicks. Do you have Vital set to “Use Fixed Size Buffers” in FL Studio?

No i dont… Is that the trick? I’ve never toggled that switch for anything lol

I’m not sure that will make a difference but I noticed it’s set to use Fixed Size Buffers here and I don’t get any pops or clicks with those patches. It’s worth a try. If it doesn’t make a difference you can just switch it back.

Ok I’ll try it out

I’m also experiencing clicks on a monophonic patch. Just updated to the latest 1.0.8 version.

It seems something weird happens when the previous note hasn’t been released and a new note is played. The transition between notes should happen smoothly, no?

Enabling legato gets rid of this click obviously, but introduces a new click when a new note is played and the previous note is still in the release phase.

I’d upload a patch to reproduce this, but the forum won’t let me add attachments…