Clicking on Unison Voice Automation

Hello together.
I have an issue when i use an automation on the voice count it makes a click when it cuts back some voices out. It seems like it kills/starts the voices instantly without applying the envelope.

Thanks for having a look


By the way i am using FL Studio

It’s not a good idea to modulate the voice count. Better to modulate the unison detune or detune range.

Synths like Dune 3, Hive 2, and Ana 2 don’t even have voice count as a modulation destination. There is a good reason for that.

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I think you’re right in saying it kills the voices instantly: there’s no 1.5 voices, for example. There are various adjustments you could try - depending on exactly the effect you’re after - like increasing the LFO’s Smooth value, starting the unison from 2 (or more) voices, reducing the phase randomization… all of these will lessen the clicking effect somewhat but ultimately you’re still dealing with the voices being whole numbers only. I agree with teksonik: you’re probably better to modulate the percentage of detune to get the feeling of widening unison.