Click at start of envelope

I have a very simple Reese bass patch. It’s a single voice patch (mono) with some glide and set to legato mode.

Every time the envelope eventually does reset, like at the end of a loop, the next note “clicks”

Notes played in the middle don’t click, as long as I overlap the notes ever so slightly so that legato mode prevents the envelope from restarting.

Does anyone know how to prevent these clicks when the envelope resets?

I can’t upload the patch because I’m a new user, but once that limit has expired, I can upload it if someone thinks it will help.

Make the attack time non zero? An attack time of zero is expected to click, at least on many hardware synths i own, just adjust the attack time slightly. does that solve your problem?

Think about it this way, a click is usually a very fast and abrupt change in the waveform, which is exactly what a fast attack is. Going from 0 to full volume in 1ms for example.

Yeah i’d check the envelope first. But if that doesn’t work try uploading the preset now.

If i use a sine together with a low note, i need to increase the attack time a lot - some times i need more then 20 ms to avoid a click sound… I mostly set the random phase to 0 and tried different phase start - which doesn’t make any difference.

If I create a patch with this issue i will upload it.

Could this also been an audiocard problem?

Ok just checked it again it is more then 50 ms to avoid a click sound if i use a sine (basic shapes) - and hmm maybe i was wrong, if the phase is set to 0 it helps a little bit but still need around 50 ms to get no click sound. I played E1 (which is one octave about the lowest note on a bass) with 1/16 note length and 1/16 space between the notes.

no click with sine.vital (245.4 KB)

Ok, it’s more complex then i thought - just played with the attack time - with 13 ms i also get no! clicks with 0-12 ms or 14 -19 ms i get clicks. At 20 ms almost no click, 21-25 ms clicks… and so on.

So i guess i will use the 13 ms. And still can sharp the attack with its curve.