Clap version issue

Using the clap version of vital in bitwig seems to have issues when you resize the synth. The window size grows, but the size of the vital view does not change, leading to black bars.

I think this is a known bug, there are already multiple posts on the forum I’m pretty sure

OK, I found the solution (for Bitwig but perhaps on any DAW). Bitwig lets you choose in SETTINGS/Locations a few parameters on how Bitwig behaves relative to plugin formats. You have to deselect “Prefer CLAP over VST”. Upon install or update, Bitwig checks that box and you will no longer even see the other formats (VST3). This was specifically an issue for me because I thought once I removed the CLAP plugin Bitwig would revert to the VST3 version and my project would work. That was not the case as the 2 plugin formats aren’t cross compatible. So… I need to leave CLAP version installed for all my projects that used it to function while never choosing it again for new instances. Of course I could go back and take a bunch of time naming and saving presets over to switch to VST while maintaining “recall” of the plugin state but it’s been used so many times it would just be a non-creative time suck that isn’t worth it. I can confirm that when I load the VST3 version of Vital 1.5.5 the oversized window does not happen and the glitch is specific to the CLAP version. I hope this helps other users. It was making me nuts.
Side note: It seems like the plugin is no longer being worked on by Matt Tytel so I wonder how smart it is to lean heavily on it based on the future of it’s availability. I love it and hope he does continue to support it but… . . . .