CLAP poly modulation in Bitwig

Can’t get Bitwig’s Vital to work with polyphonic modulation (no problem with Surge).
Tell me, he does not support this at all or am I doing something wrong?

Same here.
Seems there are Clap plugins and there are clap plugins…
Simply providing a clap plugin does mean that at least the bare minimum must be available.
But Vendors can choose not to implement the more unique features of clap.
Vital hasn’t … but Vital is a beast even without CLAP … Surge has. But sorry to say. Surge does not play in the same league sound wise and many other respects even with Clap…

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Thanks for the answer! ) Vital is a beast even without CLAP - I agree.
And about the league: I think they are still in the same league. Surge looks weaker only in the interface and workflow, however, it has some functionality not available to Vital (as well as vice versa).

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unless i’m mistaken, some of the modulation targets (features) are polyphonic and some are not.