Changing Speed Of Sound Without Changing Attack

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I’m new to Vital and was wondering if there a way to change the travel speed of the sound in the envelop section without changing the attack?

I like to create a triangle with the highest point in the middle. If I hit a note I would love to adjust the speed to create a whoosh sound effect.
Maybe I’m missing something or I’m in the wrong settings to create this effect?
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can you post a link with an example sound? And I will try to help you.

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Hi @freetousesounds. If I understand you correctly, I think you want the attack phase to be non-linear.
You can do this by dragging the anchor point between start and highest point with your mouse.
Here is a patch that makes a whoosh sound. The envelope modulates level (default) and filter. whoosh.vital (170 KB)

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Thanks guys! I’m in the car right now and back later tonight. I check that out right away and also include a video about what I meant.
Really appreciate your help.

Hi @andrew_a! I just checked the preset and its great but my question is can you change the travel speed?
Meaning if you hit the key you can see how the sound travels from left to right over the top. I was wondering if it’s possible to change the speed of this motion without changing the preset itself. I also have the Whoosh from Tonsturm and I can change speed and impact.

I think the only way to have it faster or slower is by changing the attack, release and decay. Its actually really fun using underwater sounds with train horns. Thank you!

Here’s a version that where velocity modulates the attack - hit the key hard and the attack is short. You can replicate this for other parts of the envelope, and / or use one of the 4 macros instead of velocity.
whoosh2.vital (170.0 KB)

Cool! I try this out in just a second. Thank you

That is amazing!

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It’s not really - but it’s great if that’s useful for you :slight_smile:

For a beginner like me, let me tell you it is really useful and I’m very grateful for it.

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there´re a lot more things you can do.

Envelope 1 acts as a master envelope in Vital. It will stop all sounds when it´s time is down. So for many things you need to open Env 1 wide up.

You can use Lfo´s in envelope mode. I think this is what need for your swoosh.

To do that open env 1 wide up, turn volume of the Osc (or SMP where the white noise is) you want to control down. Connect an Lfo to Osc volume and set the Lfo to envelope mode.
Then connect a second Lfo to the speed (Frequency) of the first Lfo, now the second Lfo controls how fast your swoosh travels.

Maybe set things real slow at the start so you can easily see what happens. Try different Lfo shapes.

Made some water sound Wavetables from your free sounds and put them in two presets. They are in the January patch sharing thread, maybe this is interesting for you.

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