Changing Preset "Style" Broken

Version 1.5.5.
Windows Standalone

When I save a preset and choose a “style” (e.g. “bass”), then change the style to something else (e.g. “sfx”), the preset still says the original style (e.g. “bass”) under “browse presets”. When I click “save preset”, the chosen style is my last choice (e.g. “sfx”), despite it saying otherwise from the preset browser.

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Unable to replicate on linux 1.5.3 build

Saved preset as “bass” style
Resaved preset as “sfx” style
Browser correctly shows “sfx” style

Your process was a little unclear, could you be more specific as to the steps?

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Did you save it with the same name and overwrite the original one? I’m able to replicate it consistently.

Same name and everything, could you provide a specific list of steps you used to get the bug? I’ll update to 1.5.5 and try it on Windows.

Maybe it’s a 1.5.5 issue or maybe it’s Windows related. It happens in standalone in the vst3 version in my DAW.

  1. Open Vital
  2. Save preset as “example” and select “bass” as the type.
  3. From hamburger menu, click “browse presets”.
  4. Click on “example” preset.
  5. Click “save preset” again but switch the style to “sfx”. (Leave the name the same)
  6. Click save.
  7. When asked to overwrite existing file, click “yes”.

Now you will see the preset “example” in the preset browser still has the style, “bass”.

Can confirm that these steps lead to unexpected behavior on the Windows 1.5.3 build
Can confirm that these steps do not lead to unexpected behavior on the Linux 1.5.3 build

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