Changing info for presets

Hello! I searched the forum and didn’t really find an exact answer to this question:

Is there a way within Vital to change the ‘Style’ of a pre-existing preset? There are numerous third-party presets that do not have a style assigned or the style assigned is not accurate. I see you can rename a preset but any other metadata seems to be locked out. I did find an utility created by SlavaCat118, but am wondering if there is a feature within Vital?

You can just resave the preset to have a new style. However, there is a bug in the 1.5.5 Windows version where changing a presets style wont register within Vital. If it really bothers you, you can always edit the file directly, or downgrade.

The utility I made–I’m assuming EasyEdits–was for editing the preset info, allowing for easier custom styles, adding prefixes to names, all for multiple presets at a time; essentially a batch info editor for Vital presets. I never finished it, but it is functional and also very buggy and the coding is absolute spaghetti so I wouldn’t trust it with my own preset library. I may rework it soon once I finish the python module I’m working on for Vital presets, but for now, I don’t plan on finishing the current version.

Thank you, SlavaCat! Yes, I see now that saving the preset creates a copy with the new style I specified. I then just have to delete the original. When you said “you can always edit the file directly”, I assume you meant in a text editor? With this in mind, I tested that option and confirmed that I can edit the preset file, but as you said, Vital doesn’t recognize the change. I guess its code only recognizes the style only on first read of the preset file and doesn’t rescan subsequently. Vital must keep a preset database file somewhere. I am curious why most synths don’t seem to make it easy to edit pre-existing preset metadata within the synth itself. Seems like it would be so easy to do…