Changes in wavetables are saved automatically?

Hi, I was trying to finally understand better Vital, which I downloaded a long time ago … and after I was messing with some factory wavetables (changing the order, adding harmonics,…), I realized that when I closed and opened the plugin, my changes were still there! I wasn’t asked if I wanted to permanently save the changes. Is there a way to revert to the original state of the factory wavetables? And in general … to make it so that it doesn’t save automatically what I do to the .vitaltable file, if I’m correct in what’s happening.

Reload the wavetable to get back to its original state. Daws keep the plugin state. It wouldn’t make much sense if your edits were lost the moment you close the plugin.

Oh, that was silly, I thought the order of the wavetable got messed up because of me, but it was already weird. It indeed doesn’t save the changes within the file and I can go back to the initial state. Thanks.

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