Change presets via computer keyboard | Deselecting in author category

Thank you very much for this beautiful synth!

Two questions:
Are there shortcuts on my computer keyboard to change presets?
And is there any possibility to deselect the author in the attached screenshot to see again the full presets on the right?
I’m using the standalone version 1.0.3 on Ubuntu.

There currently no such shortcuts sadly, they are however planned over the course of the upcoming weeks as small ‘quality-of-life’ updates so keep your eyes peeled!


There is a simple workaround to clear the bank/subfolder filters in that lower left panel (what you’re calling the “author”).

Just close/minimize the Vital window down, then re-open it. This will reset the browser and remove all current filters. No need to remove and re-add Vital to your DAW… just minimize/close the window. It’s that simple.

Just encountered this, unfortunately there’s no workaround when using Vital standalone.

You can change presets with return key.

This is great news! Keyboard shortcuts would allow mapping to some hardware controllers and make indeed life way easier when modifying parameters!

Please make sure that we get shortcuts to increase/decrease value of knobs and sliders when selected (e.g. arrows up/down or left/right or any other combination of keys)


Just asking, but has this feature been implemented?

within the preset browser, the arrow keys work