Certain Presets Don't Show Up In the Browser

So I have all the presets available for my Plus account. Unfortunately, most of those presets don’t show up in my browser. Even my default folder has proof of their existence. I tried importing the banks from downloads. I tried unistalling and reinstalling Vital. Nothing has worked. Please help.

Hello??? Is anybody there?

What presets are you missing? If you think you’re missing a specific preset after installing it can make sure the “All” folder is selected on the bottom left in the browser and search for it? I’ve had this problem reported before and the preset is usually just in a different spot.

If you can’t find it, let me know what the preset is.

You can also go into your Vital folder in Documents on Windows and ~/Music on Mac to view all the installed files.

That’s just it. All of the presets that come with my current plan are there. They are all installed. The PROBLEM is that they don’t show up in the app regardless of part of the Preset Browser I’m in. Only the default presets show up.

Here is a pic of the Vital Folder in Documents (be sure to open it in a new tab):

Vital Folder

And here is video evidence of the app:

So you’re saying the presets are in the folder on your computer, but they don’t show up in Vital’s browser?

Which specific presets exist in the folder can’t you find in the browser? Looking at the video it looks like the “Plus” account presets and the Halcyon presets are in the browser along with the default factory presets.

The presets that come with my Plus tier are exactly the ones that are not showing up. As I’ve said, only the default presets appear in the list. Tam Lee Teet is one of the ones that don’t show up.

Never mind. I’ve figured it out. The names of the packs on the site consfused me. I was expecting the presets to have the exact names of the preset creators. Also, I didn’t look at the wavetable section. Sorry for the confusion. I will go away now.

God, I feel stupid. :expressionless:

You’re not the first to get confused by this, I probably need a better way to show which packs end up where in the app.