CC1 Moving 4 or more paramenters

Hey, so I have a controller attached to my Mac (Monogram blocks). I have a fader that is CC1 and without assigning anything in Vital, moving this fader automatically starts moving 4 or more paramenters around. Find it strange :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like I’ve made a macro but nothing is actually assigned. This is on the INIT patch. Here is a video showcasing the issue: Vital CC1 Bug

Huh that is weird
Maybe it’s a weird midi binding from your controllers software getting picked up by vital automatically?

Does this still occur when you open Vital standalone?

Edit: welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the welcome! Funnily enough it does have the same behaviour in standalone mode as well

Right click on the parameters that are being moved and select “Clear Midi Assignment”.

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yes, this fixes it. Strange that even the INIT patch has CC1 assigned to those parameters. Maybe I did something sketchy and forgot :stuck_out_tongue: