Categories for arps, brass etc?

Are there more categories in Vital’s browser system than “Bass, Lead, Keys, Pad, Percussion, Sequence, Experiment, SFX, Template”? I am trying to find something for arpeggios, brass sounds or orchestral sound etc?
Am I missing something? :smiley:

Or can I add some custom categories or tags to the presets so the search/browsing for presets would be easier?


I like the category system but do agree there should be a few other categories.

If it’s polyphonic and doesn’t have a lot of attack, I use keys (and rarely experiments). I would like to see a few more options, but nothing too crazy

I think the problem is getting agreement on a taxonomy. Even for something as simple as “keys”, I bet you could find 10 definitions for what should go in there.

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You could or you could just call them keys. but there are some glaring ones that could be included. Could do without experiment and template myself.

I agree with you on the experiment. But I do like template. I just wish template came with some special protections.

For instance if I load a template, work on a preset, and then click save, it should not default back to the template. Instead it should prompt me for a new preset name and deselect the category.

I use templates for sound design all the time. Like for a bass sound, I will have envelopes all set up and ready to go, even with some of the modulations mapped and macros defined. Saves me about 15 or 16 steps that I do on nearly all bass presets.

If three more user namable where added it would do the trick for me.

I always just throw my arps in keys and for other stuff, I just throw it in a close enough category and then label it better in the description.

It would be cool to have more categories but it can easily get messy

What I use personally is that old method with naming presets with proper prefix - just like in other synths that don’t use categories, e.g. LD, PAD, BASS, KEY, ARP, GAT and so on.
That way you can have them sorted as you want.

Another workaround would be to just use folders named with proper categories. Vital supports subfolders and they look clean.

You can also combine both for best results - not only your presets will be listed when you just press on your (or User) folder but also when you just want to look through all of your leads you can just press User>Leads and have only them listed.


Thanks for the great ideas! Might try this method :+1:

One more question: Is there a way to add a label to a preset that is made by someone else? Like if I have downloaded presets, but they don’t have any labels so can I add LEAD or BASS to them somehow (or edit/change preset’s label)? Or only by saving it as a new preset (and then remove the original presets)?

thats indeed the best way to sort the presets a user makes. the prefix thing is simple and clean, and you know how you sorted your presets. Also they would be sorted in an alphabetical order, so its just a gold mine of a clean workflow xd

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Small Update to what I wrote previously (I’m sure you guys @ludwig.hotmess @HORU5 @qub1t will find it useful)

I found out that Vital allows to have custom categories & reads it properly directly from preset file! :raised_hands:

Of course they won’t appear on the main list on the left under search because Vital only lists default ones therefore you won’t be able to select custom ones that way, but you still will be able to sort presets on the main list using “Style” tab.

At first I was sure Vital presets save ID of the category in their JSON files, but they actually save the name directly in plain text. Using Notepad you can just edit it to whatever you want:

More like cool info than useful solution but if you really want to have own categories, it is indeed possible :smirk:

P.S. This is also the answer to your previous question @ludwig.hotmess on how to change category for presets made by others - you can do it using Notepad :slight_smile:


An online converter of some sorts could really beef up creating presets

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Something like this should be really easy to be made (yay for JSON presets), even as offline standalone program or even as python or cmd script for at least setting up custom categories in bulk.

There’s also huge potential for some sort of “presets generator” too. :slight_smile:

Wish I had more time to mess with it myself

I could work on something like this!

I built tools for randomly generating presets for Helm, another Tytel synth. Perhaps you could get some ideas from this project: