Can't upgrade on FL studio

Hi, i recently upgraded ti the pro version.
Once i downloaded the installer i ran the standalone version and It says “1.5.5”, but once i open FL studio and vital It says “1.0.7” and i don’t know why and how to update It. Can Someone help me?

Sounds like you have two versions installed. Open FL Studio’s Plugin Manager and see where Vital is installed. Go to that location and delete the 1.0.7 version. Then install 1.5.5 in that same location.

Double click on the Vital entry in the plugin manager and on the left side it will tell you the location where it is installed.

Vital 012523-1

Thank you, i see what i can do

Thank you for your bel, problema solved😉

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Cool! Glad you got it fixed. I’m happy to help. :grinning: