Can't sign into my account on the VST

Can’t sign into my account on the VST. I’m able to sign in just fine here. I saw other people had issues signing in but my error message just says that “the password is invalid or the user does not have a password”. I’m definitely using the right password and have even tried changing it via the “forgot password” link.

Using Ableton 10, Vital Free, Windows 10.

**EDIT: Turning my firewall off and signing in on the standalone somehow worked! It automatically signed me in when I opened the Ableton VST. I turned the firewall back on and we’re good.

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I’m not even getting an error code. It just says “signing in” and then won’t go any further. Ableton crashed once or twice now.

I had the same issue with the Pro pre-release on Linux.
As far as I understood, the log in was to be removed starting today (guessing just hasn’t gotten around to such yet).

Whatever the case, I’m still having the issue on both the stand alone and the vst3.

I don’t get an error, it just hangs in a state of “signing in”

I have the same problem, only after a while the legend appears: “An internal error has ocurred”

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I have little snitch installed so disabling that cured the problem…

I’m having the same issue. I also can’t type certain characters into the password field for seemingly no reason? Copy and pasting those characters into the field works fine though. The VST is stuck in the “signing in” state.

I wrote my email in a notepad and copied it to the vst by rightclicking and paste, didnt work with command-c command-v … then only the vst2 or vst3 worked so try both…

Copy and pasting into the fields works but I still can’t log in

Do you have blocker of some sorts like little snitch or some other firewall or vpn or something??? try to disable or try standalone mode or other host too

Standalone works just fine. Let me see if I have any blockers set up

:clap: Thank you! Solved the problem for me!

just sign in without open the ableton/fl studio

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turning off the firewall worked for me, thank you!