Can't resize UI in Bitwig 3.1.2

I just got Vital and I can only see the bottom left of the VST inside the DAW (Win10 64). I can’t find a way to resize it.
Any ideas?
The stand alone version works well.
I managed to find with my cursor where the resize buttons were (lower than the graphical ones) but even at 50% it stays the same just smaller.

I turned off the DPI Awareness in the Plugin Scaling Setting and it’s fine now. Here are the pictures too.
It also works for CherryAudio’s Voltage Modular 2.0.30 VST.


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while this works on setups without scaling in windows (ie 100%) this will fail miserably on systems with a custom scaling value (eg 150%). The gui seems working, clicking in the right spot (right meaning the spot where the control should be with the current scaling) will update the scrambled GUI.

The standalone version works fine. Is there any hope?

best regards, leo

bitwig v3.2.8
windows 10
150% display scaling

Its also accouring if the scaling applied by bitwig is turned off:


The only workaround is

  1. disabling the plugin (not just clicking the “active” toggle)
  2. loading an instace, opening the GUI
  3. activate the DPI awareness again

This does not work for instances loaded after step 3, but will keep working for all instances that have been loaded with a shown GUI between steps 2 & 3