Can't Resize AU

I installed vital and opened it in ableton but it was too big for my liking so i decided to resize it and make it smaller but i made it too small but when i tried to make it larger it did not work. It works fine with the vst 3 version on mac but not the AU, small inconvenience but i thought i should share it

Confirmed for AU in Live 10.1.30 on Mac Catalina. Clicking on the logo in the top-left gives resize options tho.

VST3 works fine in Live but neither VST or AU (drag) resize working in Studio One 4.6.2.whatever

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Actually VST3 is the only one working in Live. VST cannot be increased in size with out the “Scale” buttons either.

Same issue - can’t resize in Ableton Live 9 on MacOS High Sierra in either the AU or VST version. I also made the window too small and couldn’t resize the window manually. However Aitchy’s note that clicking on the logo in the top left did open up a menu that I was able to use to rescale. I also experienced GUI glitches moving between multiple screens. Got it resized via the Logo tho and it sounds bonkers, good god :poop: