Can't open Vital 1.5.5 - FL Studio 20 crashes each time

Each time I try to open Vital 1.5.5 I only see this:

(Vital’s interface doesn’t pop up at all)
I’m on Win 8.1 64bit, 8GB ram
FL Studio 20.7.1 64bit

(I didn’t install earlier versions)

What can I do?
thank you

Use an Operating System that is supported.

"Supported Operating Systems:

Windows: 10 and higher"

  1. Do people on Windows 10 also experience similar crashes? The version 1.5.5 is not stable?

  2. What is this thing ‘CLAP’ in the installer?
    CLAP - do I need to install it

Should I install the CLAP? Does Vital need it to work?

Thank you

I’m on win 10 and have no crashes, only that the fourth Vital is not showing correctly in FLStudio.

CLAP is a “new” kind of virtual instrument format made by U-he and some other folks.
You just pick one of the three versions , I’d go for vst , not the vst3, and not the CLAP.

Thanks for reply!
So 3 instances of Vital work well, and when you add a 4th Vital instance, this 4th instance has issues with the interface? What issues are those?

When an FL Studio session is elaborate (uses dozens of plugins, samples, etc) there may be a risk that if I use Vital 1.5.5 in an elaborate FL project, the Vital 1.5.5 could cause problems while opening such a elaborate flp file?
(and when FL Studio has trouble loading a plugin, there’s probably no way to fix it…)

Only when I try to open the fourth UI together so I have 4 Vital UI open at the same time I see this. Openinge them one by one gives me no problems at all.

@4to1 so its only a visual problem :smile:

And you haven’t experienced any problems e.g. with loading Vital 1.5.5 in big .FLP sessions? (when the song is almost finished and you have tons of plugins, samples, automations going on in the session)

That is not my way of making music so I can’t comment on that.