Can't keep focus on FL 20


I was testing Vital in FL 20 (awesome plugin, the GUI is amazing) and I noticed that when I change presets (or I click or move any knob) and play a key again, the plugin doesn’t make any sound (does not show any animation either).

Usually, when this happens, I select the “Keep focus” option on the VST wrapper settings and that’s all, but with Vital it doesn’t seem to work and I have to keep clicking the top of the window between every preset I choose or adjustment I make.

I hope there is a solution.

For the record I’m not experiencing the same issue in FL Studio. You might want to list your system specs to help the developer

I’m on Win 10 64 bit. I do not have “Keep Focus” selected.

I have the same issue but it is only when i use the laptop keyboard to produce notes. With my external midi controller keyboard i do not have the same issue.

Kind regards

@teksonik I’m on Win 10 64 bit also, my version of FL 20 is the 20.5.0 with the 1142 build. I’ll keep in mind to list my system specs in the future.

@gaetan yup, you’re right! I just tried with my midi controller and it works.

Oh Ok I see what you’re saying now. In order to get the Typing Keyboard to work in FL Studio when switching patches you have to disable “Allow the Plugin to Handle Keystrokes”. Seems like it should be the other way around but disabling that allows the typing keyboard to trigger notes when switching patches. Alternatively you can keep it enabled and click on the top bar in between patch changes to allow the keyboard to work again. Vital%20112720-1


Wow, I didn’t know about the function of that little button, but now everything is working fine! Many thanks to you and @gaetan, both of you helped me a lot. :heart_eyes:

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You are a lifesaver! This thing has been bothering me with all third party plugins on FL Studio. Thank You!

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My pleasure. Glad I could help. :grinning: