Can't install Vital (Free) in Cubase 7

Hi, I’m running Cubase 7 (32-bit) (yes, I know it’s old but it works and I know how to use it - LOL!) Anyway, I 've tried installing Vital (free) without success. Will it work with Cubase 32-bit? I’ve done the following:
Downloaded the EXE and Factory Content. (However, another issue - I don’t know where to put the Factory Content file).

The Vital.dll file has gone to my normal
folder and I’ve copied the vital.vst3 file (as well as where it was installed) to
program files/common files/vst3.
It’s not showing in my instruments panel.
Any help gratefully received! Thanks.

Hi, still no luck today with this. Can someone tell me if Vital works with 32-bit versions of Cubase please or is it only for 64-bit? Many thanks.

It’s 64-bit only, it says as much on the website; scroll down to the Get Vital section and you’ll see it declared under the System Requirements heading.

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Thank you so much, I should have looked there. Sorry to take your time.