Can't get the full install of Vital up and running

Just purchased the subscription:

  1. reinstalled Vital with the latest beta
  2. loaded it in Logic on Mac with M2
  3. selected “Log-in” in the dropdown menu
  4. entered email and password from my account
  5. no go, keeps insisting that email or password is incorrect

Problems with the login dialog:

  1. can’t see what I am typing in the password field, no way to reveal it
  2. can’t copy/paste the password from another source
  3. does not work with MacOS keychain feature

Result: I can’t get the full install of Vital with presets up and running.

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Could you try the stand alone ?

I have the same problem. I can get the Standalone to work on my M1 but not the plugin version inside Bitwig. What do I do? I was thinking of buying it, but not if it wont work in Bitwig.