Can't figure out a couple of things))

It seems like this synth might have a nice potential.
I downloaded it on the computer that is connected to the internet, and moved to the computer with Ableton (that one is not connected to the internet, of course)). Now, every time I open this Vital it asks me for a login, which I do type, but it gives an error message. I can click on the Vital interface and the login popup disappears, but it is pretty annoying. How to get rid of it?
2. The free version promised to be with 75 presets and some wavetables. Where are they?
Thank you.

My understanding is that Vital needs an internet connection to complete installation - once you launch the plugin, presets (inc. wavetables) are downloaded. An internet connection is also required for the “text to wavetable” feature.

If you search the forum, you’ll find the paths to where the preset are installed.

So, without the internet I can’t even install it properly? I am not going to connect the main computer, too much of a crap comes from the internet.
Can I install it on another computer and then move the whole thing to the main one?

I believe so.
Or could you connect to the internet just temporarily to get Vital up and running?

I found and copied the presets and the wavetables folder, and I thought I found the license file, but it still shows the annoying LogIn popups.

Look at this thread Log in every time?, if you connected once with your machine, you might not be prompted again.

First of all, are you on PC or Mac?

So, I thought that the file in AppData/Roaming/Vital/Vital.config replaced from the Internet computer to the safe one should take care of it, but it didn’t!! Surprise!!))
Do you know where it is?

The only thing you need to do to solve this issue is just login with the same account you used to sign up on…

So you’ll need a temporary internet connection to 1, sign in and then 2, it must download an 87MB pack (it’s automatic process once you sign in, it just asks you where to install itself, nothing else).

This 87MB pack is the factory pack which contains the 75 presets and 25 wavetables and some samples for the noise oscillator…

The sign in is probably mandatory. So you do need to momentarily turn on internet just for the sign in.
But for the factory pack though, you cud just download it on another PC (it’s a “.vitalbank” file) and transfer onto your PC. And then open Vital, and click import Vital Bank. select this file that you downloaded, and it’ll install…

Welcome to the Vital community though… I, a beginner, honestly am loving this community, and I hope you do too!

Um the license is basically your username and password I guess… So I don’t think copying a license file will work… I know I’m too late… So I’ll just ask - did your issue get solved?