Can't enter Text to Wavetable

I have the default preset, and I can play ‘text to wavetable’ but there is no place to enter text. I have the paid version (not pro) so I should get 5 per day? But there is no place to put in text. If I upgrade to pro, does this ‘unlock’ a feature? I used to be able to enter text, but not anymore.


TTWT only works if you log in; did you sign out?

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I figured it out. You need to right click on the wavetable not the patch name!

Although, I did notice that what I type in does not show up in the table name. The name says TTWT no matter what I type in (but it plays my text correctly).


TTWT is the default name, because the TTWT-string could be too long for a wavetable name. You can name the wavetable by saving it.