Can't Edit Post ):

I used to be able to edit my old posts but recently the edit pencil icon has disappeared for some posts.
Is there a way to get it back so I can update a download file?

Just to say that I’ve seen this to, and couldn’t find a solution - so will be interested if you get a reply.
In the meantime, you could reply to your own post and attached a new file perhaps.

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Ah might be a time limit. I’ll see if there’s a setting for that

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Thank you!

Discourse has a post edit time limit setting for users with trust level 0 and 1. The idea is to avoid that relatively new users abuse the option to change or delete content of their own posts after a reasonable amount of time (that admins can define in site settings).

Trust level 2 users can have a different value. TL3 and above have no time limit by design.

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