Can't create install directory. Select Another Destination

I’m getting this error message no matter what folder i try to install the pro content in.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

If i know where the files are initially downloaded, i’ll just copy them from there, but after spending $80 US for the pro content, i definitely hope there’s some way to get the files where they’re supposed to be…

Hey man, hope everything okay.

I was having the same issue and apparentely it was my antivirus who was stopping Vital of doing some action, soy I enable the action and now its totally fine.

Hope it helps you in some way.

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I am having the exact same issue. I’ve downloaded Vital, run the installer and everything works fine.

When I open Vital up it automatically downloads the factory content sound pack but when I attempt to install it the progress is blocked. The installer will not accept the default directory or any other that I choose to select or create.

Opening Vital as an administrator seemingly makes no difference.

I’ve tried downloading the factory content file itself from the website, right clicking on it and opening it up with Vital, but all this seems a do is open another instance of Vital which still automatically downloads the pack from the web and then gets stuck.

Please can someone provide a definitive answer as to what the constraint / problem and resolution are here?

May I also suggest that if there is a known firewall / antivirus exception issue here, that this is added on to the error popup to advise users.

For now as a workaround can now download the banks directly from the site and import them (from the hamburger menu):

I think some DAWs have some issues letting plugins write this initial content. If you open the standalone does it install correctly?

I’ve imported the downloaded bank from the three line “hamburger” menu button within Vital

This has worked and I can see the presets having set themselves out within the files directory and within Vital - thanks for the instructions.

However, when I close and re-open Vital, it is still immediately starting to download the factory content pack. When I cancel the download I can still see that the presets are installed. I will see if this is still the case after a restart of my computer.

Further to the above this is now behaving itself. Each time I opened up Vital from within my DAW it was automatically downloading the factory content again, but once I closed down both Vital and the DAW and started them up again the automatic download is no longer occurring. Thank you for the assistance.

Thanks mate I follow what you said and it works now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue: