Can't click UI in Vital in Bitwig 3.0

I’m running Bitwig 3.0.3 on Ubuntu 20.04. I can run Vital fine in Carla (as a VST plugin, installed via the .deb package), and everything seems to work.

When I run it inside Bitwig, the UI is completely unresponsive - can’t click buttons, can’t turn knobs, use sliders, or any other part of the UI.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Let me know if there’s any more useful information I can provide.

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Some people are having similar issues in Bitwig 3.3, Matt said it was high on his priority list to fix so next version might fix your issue.

Yeah, same thing here, in my case it either crashes Bitwig or loads but crashes when I try to show the UI.

Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

Same issue here.
Bitwig 3.3 on OSX 10.15.7

Right, I searched, and saw mentions of crashing, but no mention of UI unresponsiveness. Mine isn’t crashing, so I figured it was a separate problem.

Mine typically goes unresponsive and then locks up whatever DAW I’m working in (Ableton, Bitwig) but sometimes in bitwig it will just crash. Depending on how I have my sandboxing setup it will either crash the app or just the plugin.