Cannot load presets and all patches reset

Studio One, windows 11,

  1. Opened project and vital had reset to init
  2. Checked all projects, all were reset
  3. Checked to see if my user presets were gone
  4. Restarted (did not save project after checking vital)
  5. Checked again with no change
  6. Attempted to load preset and presented with "There was error sic[opening] the preset. Preset was created with a newer version.
  7. installed latest build
  8. rechecked with no luck.

i wouldn’t use an automated installer for Vital.

maybe there’s multiple vital versions in your plugin folders and due to a naming conflict the wrong one is loading.

i recommend doing a search in the plugin folders that are listed in your DAW for any instance of vital and seeing if there’s more than one copy in there. I don’t know if that’s a possibilty, just a wild guess.

i use Linux not windows, but there must be some kind of config file or registry entry that remembers things like themes and preset databasery.

I’m new to Vital, but presumably, it has preset/settings folders somewhere on your computer? If so, I’d look there and maybe try to open a preset or two with Vital.

I’d also look to see if Studio One was affecting any other plugins. If so, that would seem to be a dead giveaway that it’s a problem with Studio One Is that version some kind of nightly experimental build? If so, I’d stick with a recent stable build.

Failing a problem with Studio One or another build, at some point, I might also uninstall-- properly/completely-- Vital before reinstalling another version. Before that, though, if they were important enough, I’d make a copy of the presets/folder and other custom settings and place it/them elsewhere, like the desktop.
Then I’d ‘go around’ and make sure no traces of the previous version(s) of Vital-- including presets and other custom settings-- where leftover.

I might also test Vital in another DAW.
I have two DAWs installed on one of my systems and even if I only use one DAW, the other can be handly, if only as a troubleshooting device.

Does Windows have some sort of registry-cleanup utility and/or can one rollback any Windows upgrades?
In the past, I’ve have automatic Windows updates make a mess of my system before, including one where my computer kept turning off and rebooting endlessly.

Of course, it goes without saying to always make backup copies of important stuff.

Full wipe and reinstall still didn’t work. It wont open any presets, even the stock ones.

I haven’t been following this precisely, but how about uninstalling Vital-- thoroughly (like eliminate any instances and settings)-- and re-downloading a fresh copy. It’s possible that it got corrupted. And again, try it in another DAW. That way, we might see if it’s the DAW.