Cannot get Vital to show up in Ableton Live 11.1 under VST or VST3

Hi all,

Couldn’t get Vital to show up under plugins>VST / VST3 using systems folders like my other plugins (Serum, I Heart NY etc all work fine) so figured it was to do with having to run Ableton in Rosetta which I didn’t want to do (Running a 16’ M1 Macbook Pro and thus AS) - I then upgraded Vital to the Subscription and downloaded the update which I thought gave me access to native Apple Silicon support but still no joy.

Any suggestions?

Running Monterey 12.5

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It should work. Does the standalone Vital app run on your computer? Also have you tried manually rescanning for plugins in Ableton?

I am having the same issue on my M1 iMac. I have done manual rescan in Ableton and it doesn’t show up for me either.

Hola, tengo el mismo problema en mi Macbook Pro M1 Pro de 14 pulgadas. Ya escaneé varias veces mis VST y nada. ¿Alguna sugerencia? Gracias!