Cannot assign modultion to modulators when they are grouped

My video below should be clear. When multiple modulators are visually grouped it’s not possible to assign modulation (the inner circle) to them. I can only remove some until they are ungrouped again.

afaik those modulators are not “grouped”
they are only visually groupe-like ordered - just to see them more easily
i am able to assign a modulator individually like in your animation-example
with individually i mean: (discretely) to one of the 8 modulators in LFO1 at once
and i can do this 8 times, each for every LFO1 modulator
thus really grouping the LFO1 mods from within or through macro1
and then it would get “funny” if one of the LFO1 modulators is modulating
macro1 :slight_smile:

Yeah I want to improve that workflow. You can drag it to the modulation amount on the destination but I’ll see about allowing it in this case.

Ok I see, the modulators must be assigned individally in case they are visually grouped.
Howevere, when they’re not “grouped” I can assign them directly under the modulator. That was a bit misleading.