Can Vital create the same sounds as Arturia V 8 Collection?

I am a new snyth user and still learning about what dose what.

Looking at so many different programs or plugins i am somewhat confused on the different versions of things and what they can or can not do.

I see the Arturia V 8 Collection but when watching some youtube videos on it many of the sounds sound very much like the sounds i see in Vital youtube videos but the Vital versions are just not named after famous older synths like in the V 8 collection.

Can Vital make the same sounds ?
Are their preset packs for Vital that cover all the famous older synth sounds like in the V8 collection?.

I am looking at getting a larger midi keyboard only have the small one right now and see some come with a lite version of the V 8 collection but then i would need to pay more to update to the full V8 collection to get them all - out of my price range right now.

Or i could get a larger keyboard for less with out the lite V8 and use Vital if i could get most of the same sounds with out needing the V8 collection.


Can Vital be programmed to get analog poly sounds that resemble synths that are emulated in the V8 collection? Yes.

Will they be an exact copy? No

Will Vital be able to emulate literally everything that’s in the V8 collection? Most likely not.

As far as preset banks go, I don’t know of any preset banks that have copied/emulated all the classic synth sounds of those particular synths.

That being said, Vital as it stands now is a real programmer’s synth imo. It will take some time before the market has that vast amount of preset banks available for Vital as it’s still relatively new.

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You can get the what you call the V collection lite software ‘Analog Lab intro’ software that comes with the Arturia Keyboards for free anyway from but the Arturia keyboards are a worthwhile investment and definitely preferable especially over cheap brands.

VITAL is a modern clean software Wavetable Synth where V collection is a set of authentic classic analog and digital synths complete with their many imperfections. So for me and many others we wouldnt consider using VITAL to make those sorts of classic sounds but if you are just starting and just want to make a few bleeps and wooshes here and there you probably wouldn’t care anyway but it does come with around 12,000 very very good presets which are very useful.

Arturia do completely functional ‘refresh every 20 minute’ demos of the keyboards in V collection why not try a few and see if its the sound you like?

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