Can there be a warning when changing patches if you've modified the one you're currently on?

I was working on a patch and was about to save it but I misclicked on the right arrow which is literally right next to the save button and it just erased all the work I was doing on my patch.

It would be nice if there was a warning prompt if you’ve made adjustments to the patch you’re on before switching to a new one.

What do you guys think?


Yes, a thousands times yes. And make it optional to turn off the warning in case no one wants it.


Or have the current settings be stashed somewhere that you can retrieve them (maybe a short history of edited patches).

I can see where the warning might be one of those things that you want when you are doing sound design work, but not when you are doing production work.

So maybe you don’t need any warning if you are always able to go retrieve your edits if you realize you forgot to explicitly save the preset you were editing.

I’ll probably just implement an undo/redo feature since that’s something I’d like to do anyway and doesn’t require an ‘are you sure?’ page.


As long as it undoes changing presets that would be great.

In a very old version of Lotus 123, it was possible to undo saving a file. It would recover the overwritten file so if you accidentally saved over the original name instead of as a new file you could recover.

That would be perfect!