Can someone share Acid style presets?

I’m new to this stuff and couldn’t find a tutorial for creating acid vibes using Vital. Would love to hear your comments. :pray:.

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Like this?
Use MW to modulate the filter cutoff.
Macro-1 --> Filter Resonance
Macro-2 --> Filter Drive
Accciddd.vital (171.4 KB)

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Thanks for sharing! Cool sounds, I’ll dig further with it. Feel free to share more guys :grinning:

I was trying to make some acid sounds with vital. As my knowledge in sound synthesis is not to deep i decided to watch some serum tutorial first. I Found one for acid sound with a preset for serum to download.

So i tried to recreate it with vital. Unfortunately i don´t renember what the name was. Maybee i can find it later.

First I was quite happy how it sounded and created a few presets, but after a while i felt like this don´t sound like acid at all. Then i decided to stop it and that it is not possible for me at the moment to make vital make really sound like acid.

Then i read your thread, loaded peters preset. When i checked peters presets i remember about my old presets. Hearing them after a while they sounded not so bad at all. So i try to post them, don´t kow if i allready have rights to do this.

Funny how your hearing changes when you listen to the same sound for a while, at least i can´t judge things then.

Maybee you can come closer if you combine the patches. And try to attach different things like distortion and resonance to key pressure or mod wheel. Will try this myself maybee next year… or the year after…

In the youtube tutorial he was talking about adding addional fx in your DAW, like filters and guitar amps with distortion and stuff. Didn´t try that yet.

I have in mind that i have read somewhere that digital filters don´t act like anlog ones when you try to make acid sounds, and it will never sound like 303. But i don´t know if thats true.

Anyways, i will do some research on all that next year. Would be nice if much stuff will be shared here.

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acid 8.vital (322.8 KB) acid.vital (322.4 KB) acid 4.vital (322.9 KB) Acieed 5.vital (170.8 KB)

so this is what i achieved so far…

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Yeah, I pretty much did the same path with those tutorials and didn’t get anywhere sexy with it, in my opinion. There are a couple of synths producing amazing Acid sounds, I haven’t heard really good ones in VItal yet

did you try mod wheel on peters patch? and try the filters to, they are allready “prepared”. i think this patch has all basics we need.

My patch is the basics I would say.

What one could try is to use different sawtooth wavefroms, for instance those sampled from famous real analog synths. Please check out the tremendous collection of single cycles of Adventure Kid: Imagine you have a collection of like 4 different single cycles of TB303 sawtooth, all a bit different due to analog randomnes.
Second: Add subtle randomness on top of the modulation. Not that it’s immediately “audible” but in order to make every note different. It will add liveness and simulate some analog inaccuracy.
Maybe I try some of these tomorrow. Let you know what I come up with here. Stay tuned …

] Peter:H [

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