Can someone please explain RM synthesis

Can someone please explain RM does it work in vital.and which kind of sounds can I make with it

Ring Modulation is the Multiplication of one Signal with another. You set it up in vital via the second oscillator menu. i.e. rm osc2

the sounds you can achieve can go from inharmonic to robotic depending on the setting. Try to have the modulator osc at a fixed pitch while playing the other osc normally… That will give you the classic RM sound…

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Is there any video that explains RM synthesis.

you can find some at youtube for example :slight_smile:

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I know that, but if you got any good recommendations that’ll be great.

yeah that´s the problem with all those tutorials, to find the good ones.
there is a thread for tutorials here with some good stuff, but i think there is nothing fm related.

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