Can Preset Folders Be Nested Into A Single Folder?

I have one guy that issues a lot of content. I’d like each .vitalbank he issues to be in a uniquely named folder … and those folders to be nested into a single folder. Is that possible and if so how so?

Example: Signs folder
Contents: SOL1 Presets folder, SOL2 Presets folder, SOL3 Presets folder.


uhm…at least on the mac, you can, afaik, structure it as you wish (in the finder)
i.e.: with any subfolders you like

but, afaik .vitalbank is just a zip container and cannot be used by vital directly but has to be imported, whereas it gets unziped and unfolded into another folder…

(but i might be wrong with the new versions…haven’t tried it yet)

Been manually fiddling with it. Neither of the following two folder structures worked. Hope it makes sense.

First example
Level 1: Signs folder
Level 2: SOL1 Presets folder containing presets
Level 2: SOL2 Presets folder containing presets
In this example Vital doesn’t recognize anything … even the Signs folder

Second Example
Level 1: Signs folder
Level 2: Presets folder
Level 3: SOL1 folder containing presets
Level 3: SOL2 folder containing presets
Vital recognizes all presets … but doesn’t distinguish between SOL1 and SOL2 … which is really what I’d like to do.

The objective is just to tidy up the Vital preset browser by locating the presets from prolific developers under a nested folder structure.

2nd example works here

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 21.58.20

the path of the preset called “Float Chords.vital” (for example) is:
~/Music/Vital/SignsTest/Presets/SOL2/Float Chords.vital

1st example does not work here either


within the presetbrowser you have to click on the Signs parent folder twice to reveal any subfolders

as said before, afaik vital only directly reads presets, aka .vital files not .vitalbank files which have to be imported

on the mac (finder) the structure (that works) looks like that (within the default vital folder

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 22.10.22

I’ve got it working now … I didn’t know about the double click thing.

Should come in useful … I have 12 sets of presets from the same developer.

Thanks for the help! muki!

was a pleasure