Can i make a WAV file shorter when i make a wavetable out of it?


SERUM was one of my to go synth the last years and because i was one of the factory sound designers, i felt in love with it, now, years later, it’s VITAL! I like the synth very much and i want to do much, much more with it, love the sounds and the way it looks like…

Anyway, i made again some wavetables by myself and imported them into VITAL, so far so good, but i want to have it shorter and want to delete a part from the wavetable itself, i inserted a WAV File and i only want to use a small part of it, i know that i can set the start and endpoint but i want to delete the un-used part of the wavetable, is that possible and when yes, how?

The best would be to make the wavetable itself shorter, of course i can make the WAV shorter what i would do when it is not possible…



you can use window size in wavetable editor (for audio files), but then you have to change this every time you start with the table.

i would cut the file outside of vital.
maybe there is a way to do this with wt editor but i´m not sure, wavetable stuff is complicated.

Yeah, editing outside of vital is maybe the essiest way, thanks.

if you drag and drop the file then, to osc window you can choose from three import modes.
not sure if you know allready. :upside_down_face:

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Sure, i know this but sometimes the wavetable is much longer and i’m not in the need of that length…


Try simply playing the part of the wavetable you want via a 4second LFO and do a resynthesize preset to wavetable, maybe that does the job? Make sure nothing else is going on in the patch

Thank you for the idea, i know this hidden feature, it’s cool but sometimes i have shorter tables or i wanted to use a part in the middle of a wavetable… So it would be muuuch easier to delete parts i don’t wantt in this table…


Yeah i get that.