Can anyone help me out here; Are LFOs and envelopes polyphonic or monophonic?

Hello, first of all, I want to thank Matt Tytel for the amazing work he’s been doing, I loved the synth since its release, I’m loving this 1.5 even more;

Now, getting to the topic at hand; one of the minor problems I happened to encounter when programming slightly more complex playable patches is in making Envelope amplitudes scale with the velocity; when an envelope is modulating just a few parameters, and maybe there is no reason for all of those modulations to be scaled by velocity, it’s no big deal, as I can just have the velocity modulating the modulation amount, but when the envelope is modulating a bunch of parameters, at times with different curves and powers, it becomes really frustrating to set the velocity response of the patch, as I have to run one by one every modulation, and in any case, use 2 modmatrix slots for every single modulation, which having only 64 of them, with macros to map and plenty of parameters to add nuance, are quite a precious resource to be treasured

I thought I had come up with a trick to fix all of this; the idea was to put an LFO in freeze, use such LFO to modulate everything I want the envelope to modulate, and then have an envelope control its phase… seemed like a genious plan, except it doesn’t really work; whenever I play a note, the envelope seems to retrigger even for notes that are already playing and that is not what I was hoping to obtain.

Now, why isn’t it working as I expected? I can tell LFOs retrigger, per voice, without really disturbing voices that are already playing, so do envelopes, but when I get an envelope to control the LFO phase, it seems it does so at a synth level rather than at a voice level… shouldn’t the LFO phasebe a per voice parameter?

Hope this all makes sense.

poly, but i guess the phase will be modulated @ all voices. Correct me if i’m wrong

The envelopes and LFOs are polytriggered, this means everytime you play a new note, the Env and LFOs start from beginning.
The only exeption is LFO in “sync” mode. But in this mode the LFO starts from anywhere, so you can not predict from which point its starting.
I requested single trigger in poly-mode for Env and LFO several time, but the dev didn’t answer.
It’s a shame !