Can any of the devs (or anyone really) comment on Vital MSEG algos?

Hopefully, this isn’t seen as being in poor taste, but I love the envelope/lfo section of Vital, and I’m interested in creating something similar in my own projects.

I’ve been reading up on splines and implementing a simple linear system or a quadratic or cubic spline seems simple enough. What I’m curious about is what method is being used for transitions to go from say smooth to straight? I see a lot of newer synths use this in MSEGs, and I’d like to do something similar.

Are there any standard methods to introduce this behavior or any tips you all could share? I understand if you’d rather not. I just figured there is no harm in asking.

Currently I’m thinking introduce a table that has two times as many control points as what I make visible to my user. Users can freely control the even points, and all odd points are constrained to be half way between even points on the xaxis. Am I on the right path? I’m currently just brain storming, but haven’t gotten around to an implementation yet.

check surge if you don´t know it allready.


That’s an good! Thanks for the heads up.