Can and how do I make sounds mono in Vital

So I’ve been wondering how to make sounds mono in Vital, like how in serum there’s a button that says “mono” (in the voicing area) is there anything like that in Vital?

Oh and also how do I get sub sounds?

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There’s no mono button, but on the bottom right hand corner of the GUI, you can reduce the number of voices to 1.

If you want a sub, you need to use a(nother) Osc.

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Thinks alot!, I didn’t know that

For sub sounds (mine are more like bass than a typical sub but they are like a hybrid usually idk if i could even call them subs) i usually use a some kind sine wave with a bit of distortion or maybe a triangle, usually a more simple waveform… low pass filter can focus it more into the low end. a bit of distortion will make it sound nice and thicc. Pretty sure most subs are based on sine waves and the angrier subs have more distortion.

compressors can give it some more character too idk i’m bad at explaining and not really into typically sub heavy music xD

Here are some wavetables that are made for subs though i think that’s all i have? or at least all the ones that say sub in their name :smiley:

Analog PWM Sub 02.vitaltable (1.3 MB) Analog PWM Sub 04.vitaltable (1.3 MB)