Bypassing and unbypassing modulation with middle click sometimes changes modulation value

As the title says, sometimes when I use the middle (mousewheel) click to bypass / unbypass a modulator the modulation amount set changes. This seems to happen often when there’s an aux modulation in place.

I suppose you are middle-clicking with your mouse wheel? Are you sure it’s not a defect with the mouse wheel? It’s a typical issue as they age. Mine has gotten quite flakey.

This is a possibility, if the mouse wheel moves without making a tactile click. I need to inspect this when it happens again.

I’ve confirmed this isn’t the case. I can’t return the value to the previous one with the mouse wheel, it leaps a different amount than the mouse wheel adjusts.

This happens even when bypassing through the right click menu. Didn’t pay notice cuz I always use middle click to do that.