Bumps in Square / Saw waves

Hi, I’m starting to learn about sound design and was messing around with waveforms in Vital and the stock synths in FL Studio, I noticed that square waves in Vital have some noticeable bumps in the corners (no filters nor effects, just the pure waveshapes):

Saw waves show something similar:

When compared to one of FL Studio’s stock synths (SimSynth) the bumps are less pronounced:

I’m curious on what causes this difference in the shapes, also, I don’t know if I’m imagining things but Vital sounds a little bit more high pitched so I wonder if its related to these bumps.

Thanks in advance.

It’s a bit of phase shift from an anti aliasing filter. It’s not audible.

You can set the oversampling to 1x in the advanced panel to hear vital without the filter to compare. It should sound exactly the same with a single osc.

Some synths cut off the high end lower than 22050Hz to do anti aliasing. Not sure if that’s the difference you’re hearing but a spectrum viewer will show stuff like that.


I see, there is a difference in the spectrum viewer, that seems to be what I’m hearing, thanks for the reply!